Friday, March 05, 2004

David Morrison
has two links to interesting articles on his blog, Sed Contra:
The End of Marriage in Scandinavia - I don't entirely agree with some of the conclusion (the part where he says that there are 'stopping places' on the continual slide down where further instablility can be halted seems forced)- but the statistics alone would make this a jaw-dropper...
An Atheist Argues Against Abortion - I (obviously!) think this author is wrong on the biggest question of all- but at least he has enough sense to see that a baby is a baby, whether 'wanted' or not.

This second article reminded me of someone I knew back in my college days. The treasurer of our university pro-life group was an atheist. ( He often said all atheists should be fervently pro-life, since they believe this life is the only one we've got !) At a pro-life rally, he was confronted by some pro-death folks, and there ensued one rather odd conversation:

"You anti-choice people are all intolerant bigots, trying to force your religion down our throats."
"I'm an atheist."
(Stunned pause, then...)
"No, you're not !"


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