Wednesday, March 03, 2004

On March 3, 1861
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:
State of Original Sin

"1. INTROD.-State of original sin. Deprivation of grace; consequences, the 'wounds.'

2. Stripped of God's supernatural gifts or grace. He might never have given it, and then no punishment. But since we were intended for heaven, it was a great punishment. Take the case of a person born to wealth, etc., of cultivated mind, etc., banished to a desert island.

3. And as a spendthrift involves all his descendants, so here.

4. But worse. I described last week the triple subjection. Well, when man cast off God, his passions and affections rebelled against his reason, and his body against his soul. Case of a strong man or child on horseback. Daniel in the lions' den.

5. This great calamity constitutes the wounds of human nature-parable of the Good Samaritan-first stripped, then wounded.

6. Now here I shall view them as three-the absence of three subjections-sloth, selfishness, sensuality.

7. Describe sloth-that deadness, blindness of soul, dislike of prayer, disgust at religion, liking to ridicule it. Dislike of ruling our mind and heart, etc., etc.

8. Therefore selfishness-making self the centre, etc.

9. And therefore sensuality-idolising the creature.

10. And then these may be considered sins against God, our neighbour and ourselves. Contrasts-love of God, love of our neighbour, and self-command.

11. They branch into the seven deadly sins: (1) sloth; (2) pride, avarice, anger, envy; (3) gluttony and luxury.

12. They tend to utter death. Are you to live after this life? What is your state then, and is God in heaven? Again I say, what is your state then, with the world swept away?

13. What is your duty? As a ruined man might try to repair his fortunes. Children of this world labouring to regain an ancestral estate.

14. Two great graces: illumination and excitation.

15. 'Now is the acceptable time.' "


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