Wednesday, March 16, 2005

On March 16, 1841...
Venerable John Henry Newman wrote a letter dealing with the unexpected storm that arose over Remarks on certain Passages of the Thirty-nine Articles, otherwise known as Tract 90:

Mr. Vice-Chancellor,—I write this respectfully to inform you, that I am the author, and have the sole responsibility, of the Tract on which the Hebdomadal Board has just now expressed an opinion, and that I have not given my name hitherto, under the belief that it was desired that I should not. I hope it will not surprise you if I say, that my opinion remains unchanged of the truth and honesty of the principle maintained in the Tract, and of the necessity of putting it forth. At the same time I am prompted by my feelings to add my deep consciousness that every thing I attempt might be done in a better spirit, and in a better way; and, while I am sincerely sorry for the trouble and anxiety I have given to the members of the Board, I beg to return my thanks to them for an act which, even though founded on misapprehension, may be made as profitable to myself as it is religiously and charitably intended.—I say all this with great sincerity, and am, Mr. Vice-Chancellor, your obedient Servant,


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