Friday, May 13, 2005

On May 13, 1877...
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:

Particular Providence

1. INTROD.—[The Ascension] the end of the miraculous series of events which our Lord's life comprises. From birth to Ascension, as is said in the Creed,

2. Till He shall come to judge.

3. The world goes on by fixed laws, and they are such as in themselves are good, and subserve and proclaim His General Providence. All these contrivances and final causes, etc. But nothing personal in this—a cold system. He does not speak. No encouragement to us to speak to Him—Acts xiv. 17 and xvii. 26-27 .

4. But He has been more merciful than this—the hairs of our head numbered. Particular Providence everywhere and always. How was He to show this particular providence? By suspending the laws [of Nature] by miracles.

5. This He did. But that particular providence He has mercifully brought [out] in a distinct form, first in the Mosaic, and then in the Gospel economy. He has suspended His laws.

6. Especially when, after suffering, He ascended to heaven.

7. He promises us heaven. He has gone first to prepare a place for us individually there.

8. Patria—Heb. xi. [13], pilgrims ; Eph. ii. [19] .

9. Sursum corda—Col. iii. 1 .

10. We think of meeting our friends in heaven; we do not think of Him who is the best of all friends.

11. Don't say we don't know Him; Gospels, especially Gospel of St. John, bring Him close to us.

12. Sursum corda—Col. iii. 1. Pray without ceasing, after pattern of Luke xxiv. 52 , Acts i. 14 .


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