Monday, October 21, 2002

My 100 things about me- First 20
1. I'm 4' 11" tall.
2. Brown hair, brown eyes
3. Pale, but with freckles
4. I have a degree in writing.
5. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a job in which I actually use my degree.
6. I believe everything the Catholic Church teaches, as is stated below.
7. I am a Secular Oratorian. I'll be explaining that later.
8. IMHO, St. Philip Neri is not as well known as he ought to be.
9. And he is somewhat misunderstood by people who only know him superficially.
10. I pray for the canonization of Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., every day.
11. IMHO, his teaching on conscience has been distorted beyond recognition by certain folks.
12. I absolutely, positively WILL NOT vote for anybody who supports the 'right' to dismember babies.
13. I have voted third party in the past when no pro-life candidate was on a major party ticket.
14. I have skipped voting in a particular race when no pro-life candidate was available at all.
15. The best explication of the doctrine of the Trinity I've ever found is in Theology and Sanity by F.J. Sheed.
16. I've discovered that domestic rats make wonderful pets, though their lifespan is short enough to cause some heartbreak.
17. I've been a Tolkien fanatic for 20 years.
18. I had some problems with the movie.
19. Nevertheless, I've seen it 19 times...
20. And the next one can't come fast enough !


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