Monday, July 21, 2003

Cool !
Earlier I posted the Our Father and Hail Mary in Sindarin. Well, I found a link that has them in Quenya. Even cooler, these translations were not made by a later writer, but by the Professor himself !

" Átaremma i ëa han ëa · na aire esselya · aranielya na tuluva · na care indómelya cemende tambe Erumande : ámen anta síra ilaurëa massamma · ar ámen apsene úcaremmar sív' emme apsenet tien i úcarer emmen. Álame tulya úsahtienna mal áme etelehta ulcullo : násie : "

"Aia María quanta Eruanno i Héru as elye · aistana elye imíca nísi · ar aistana i yáve mónalyo Yésus : Aire María Eruo ontaril á hyame rámen úcarindor sí ar lúmesse ya firuvamme : násie "

Courtesy of my favorite Tolkien language site, Ardalambion. ( No direct link available- Check under the heading "Corpus Texts Analyzed" )


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