Sunday, January 12, 2003

Finally getting around to this...
A few words on the Ordination reception and Fr. Michael's First Mass...
The reception was great, except for the fact that Fr. Drew was feeling poorly and while he was at the ordination itself, he wasn't up to attending the reception. There were lots of interesting people there, including some I hadn't seen in several years, and some I had never met before. I spoke with Fr. Daniels, the Provost of the Pharr Oratory down in Texas, and I mentioned a comment made by the brilliant Msgr. Ronald Knox, that though he had met many Oratorians in his life, he couldn't name any one as being 'typical'.
"Of course." Fr. Daniels replied with a laugh."That's because we're all a little crazy !"
Well, who am I to argue with a Provost ?

The First Mass was very moving. It was the Feast of the Holy Family, and the point I remember best from the homily was that while God blessed family life with fruitfulness from the very beginning, in the Holy Family it is seen that now virginity and chastity are fruitful as well. "In Our Lady's complete surrender of herself to God, she became the mother of Christ, and, though Him, the mother of the Church, and of all Christians. "

My friend Angela, who couldn't come to the ordination, did make it to the First Mass. I hadn't seen much of her lately, as she is a postulant here. She is scheduled to be clothed as a novice this month. Prayers would be appreciated, of course.


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