Monday, November 04, 2002

St. Philip Post- Part Five
St. Philip and Followers

Philip and his followers were known for many good works, including continuing to assist pilgrims, and most of all working in the hospitals. The hospitals of the day were places where those who were ill, but not wealthy enough to be nursed at home, were warehoused, with little in the way of care or nursing given to them. Thus, Philip's followers were providing a much-needed service in giving basic care to those who were ill. One of his penitents, an ex-soldier named Camillus de Lellis, was especially devoted to this work, and eventually founded a community to serve the sick. He was later canonized, and his community, now known formally as the Order of St. Camillus Servants of the Sick, informally as the Camillians, continues to minister to the ill all over the world.
Another activity, and perhaps the one which attracted the most attention, was Philip's practice of praying at the seven basilicas of Rome. He began to take his followers on these mini-pilgrimages of prayer, and eventually they grew to huge sizes, with thousands of people. Philip was especially eager to have these excursions available as a prayerful alternative to the Carnivale (the customary citywide celebration immediately before Lent, which was rife with various types of immoral behavior).

St. Philip Neri Quotes:
"Men are generally the carpenters of their own crosses."
"Obedience! Humility! Detachment!"
"Let us think of Mary, for she is that unspeakable virgin, that glorious lady, who conceived and brought forth, without detriment
to her virginity, Him whom the width of the heavens cannot contain within itself. "
"To pray well requires the whole man. "


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