Friday, October 18, 2002

Why Quenta Nârwenion ?

I've been using the name 'Nârwen' on several boards for a while now. It's Sindarin Elvish, meaning ...'rat-maiden.' ( I happen to be fond of domestic rats, though due to circumstances beyond my control, I have none at the moment, alas ! ) I figure that since the Quenta Silmarillion is the tale of the Silmarilli and things concering them, the 'tale' of 'Nârwen' and things concerning her could be 'Quenta Nârwenion ' . I thought of a few other titles, like Gaudete Semper or Cor ad Cor, but I figured there's enough Catholic blogs with Latin names. Why not something a little different ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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May Eru Iluvatar ever guide you.

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