Sunday, November 03, 2002

A Post That Will Mean Nothing To People Who Aren't Up On The Life of Venerable Newman
While I was volunteering at the front desk of the Oratory yesterday, one of the priests asked me to copy a document. He remarked that "you might want to make a copy for yourself as well." And I certainly did. The document was a copy of the journal Maria (later Sr. Maria Pia) Giberne kept as she traveled to Italy to find witnesses to butress Venerable Newman's case in the Achilli trial. It is not a printed version, but a photocopy of the original, handwritten journal, in Miss Giberne's lovely 19th century script and her sometimes idiosyncratic spelling. (For example, she remarks that one of the witnesses fell and broke her 'ancle'. )
Yes, I know. It's probable most of the few people who read the blog won't have a clue what this is about ("Achilli who ?") , but I still think it's cool, so I'm blogging it anyway.....


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