Sunday, January 12, 2003

In the diocesan newspaper here....
Last week, and this week, there was a two-part article on the book "The New Faithful", and information on some of the 'new faithful' in our diocese.
New faithful: Young embracing orthodox practices
New faithful: Young adults challenging secular values

Thanks to Lane Core for the link.

I was, of course, happy to see the Oratory mentioned in the second part of the article. I was also happy to see my friends Lisa and Randy Koslosky featured in both parts. I've known Lisa since we were both undergraduates, and she and her husband are both wonderful people. ( I was privileged to attend their wedding back in October of 2001. It was beautiful-and the reception was a blast !)
For those in the Pittsburgh area, the current issue of The Pittsburgh Catholic also has a picture of Fr. Michael being ordained. This is not on the website, so I cannot link to it.


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