Saturday, July 19, 2003

This sort of thing is inevitable...
once you start seeing children not as blessings from God, but as either designer accessories or accidents...
Doctor must pay to raise boy

The contraceptive culture continues its sinking spiral into nihilistic insanity.... though I must say that the dissenting opinion quoted is a bright light in the darkness of this ruling.

In a strong dissenting judgement, Justice Dyson Heydon said: "A child is not an object for the gratification of its parents, like a pet or an antique car or a new dress . . . the child has a 'value' which must be fostered whether it pleases its parents or repels them. "

"It is contrary to human dignity to reduce the existence of a particular human being to the status of an animal or an inanimate chattel . . . It is wrong to attempt to place a value on human life or a value on the expense of human life because human life is invaluable - incapable of effective or useful valuation."

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