Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Things like this are one of the reasons I'm glad I'm not in charge
This is repulsive. My natural inclination would be to deny these children Baptism unless the 'parents' were to give them up for adoption by a married couple. It's terribly unpastoral of me, I know. Then again, I'm not a pastor !
It may seem less than charitable as well. However, it seems that nobody is giving these guys any indication that they are living in sin, causing horrific scandal, and poised to continually give scandal to these children. Also, these poor little ones were 'manufactured' rather than conceived naturally, which is sinful as well.
However, it isn't up to me. That's probably a very good thing. If it were up to me, I'd be tempted to take a lot of smoldering wicks and dunk them in ice water and rip apart a good many bruised reeds. I fear it wouldn't be limited to cases as utterly sick as this one, and I'd end up turning the Church into a sect. See Enthusiasm by Msgr. Ronald Knox for what I mean by that.
What I can do is pray: that the eyes of all involved may be opened, that the children may truly be brought up in the Faith (though it seems unlikely it will happen), most of all that the Lord of Mercy might purify my heart, so that I may see with love untainted by anger and revulsion:
Kyrie, eleison!
Christe, eleison!
Kyrie, eleison !


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