Monday, December 16, 2002

Speaking of Tolkien-related misspellings,
I have a sneaking fondness for "The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth" by Camilla Sandman. The humor is sometimes (OK, often) crude, the language is unecessarily coarse, and it is most definitely not for children, teens, or the easily offended. However, some of it is quite funny, particularly to a person who sometimes slogs through the mire that is Tolkien fanfic on the web in search of its infrequent gems. I'm not linking to it because I try to keep my blog family-friendly, but some parts make me laugh out loud.
What does this have to do with misspellings ? Well, perhaps the most brilliant idea in the fic is the concept of ..the mini-balrog. These critters kept things running at the school, and they simply appear out nowhere whenever somebody misspells a Tolkien-related word in a fanfic or a fanfic comment. The author uses only real misspellings found in posted work. I can recommend Miss Cam's (Ever-Growing) List O'Mini-Balrogs wholeheartedly. Some of them are, well, amazing. ("Phrodo" ? "Yowyn" ? And best of all..."Treebread" ! )


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