Wednesday, January 29, 2003

'Christian Bookstores'
Mrs. Kropp comments on why 'Christian' bookstores don't carry Catholic materials.
. How come "Christian" stores don't include Catholic materials? Because they aren't "Christian" stores, they're Protestant.

That's mostly true, I'd say, except that the 'Christian' bookstores around here do sometimes carry a tiny smattering of Catholic materials. We're just too numerous to be ignored, I guess.
What really floored me once was when I walked into a 'Christian' bookstore to kill some time while waiting for a movie to start. I found no Catholic books at all- but I found a whole shelf of Orthodox materials. It included books defending icons, books arguing for the necessity of Sacred Tradition, and hefty tomes of the Fathers on "the Holy Theotokos" . Hmm. I guess they figured as long as it isn't Catholic , it must be acceptable. (BTW, I did not inform the owners about just what they were carrying on their shelves !)


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