Saturday, February 15, 2003

Seventh (and last) paragraph
from the handout.
"Lastly, the sin of lust is, like gluttony, the result of a disorderly animal appetite, through which the person becomes over-concerned with sexual saitsfaction, so that his sexual desire demands a higher place in his life than his desire for God. As such, it is a form of selfishness which operates on the level of physical gratification to the detriment of all else, including the feelings and needs of others. The opposite virtue is chastity, that practical expression of the holiness of our bodies by the right use of our sexual desires, kept within the ordering of our vocations, be it to marriage or to the single state. This virtue is to be sought as the means of bringing into its proper place in God's scheme of things this particular aspect of our humanity so that it contributes constructively to the whole reordering of our lives around the service of God and neighbor. "


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