Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Now this is just getting completely out of hand...
The mini-balrogs are multiplying. These are misspellings of Tolkienean words, found in fanfiction or other Tolkien-related articles posted on the web. The enterprising lady known as "Camilla Sandman" has taken to collecting these, and the list that I linked to above is hers.
Some are understandable as being simple typos. ("Esel", "Thédred", "Denthor"). However, I look at many of them, and simply shake my head. "Kazadoom" ? "Theodorin" ? "Periguin" ? "Marroiodiac" ? What are these people thinking ?

I do admit, one new one did crack me up- a possible home for all mini-balrogs- "Muddle-urth" !


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