Saturday, May 03, 2003

For Saturday...

Prayer for the Intercession of Our Lady of the Oratory, the Madonna of Vallicella

Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, who does protect your faithful in difficult times and who showed yourself to be Mother of St. Philip Neri and his disciples, we who are gathered around your miraculous image ask you humbly to obtain for us from your Son the Spirit of Life; let us pass unharmed in the presence of the ancient tempter; protect us from material and spiritual evils; let us journey toward our heavely home with burning hearts, and following our father, Philip, may we always conserve within us a love for the Eucharist and filial trust in you.
We most especially entrust to you the Church in Rome, in order that is may be respendent with the light of the Risen Christ; protect the Pope, the bishops, the priests, religious men and women and all the holy people of God, and help us so that, following your example, we may respond swiftly and generously to the word of the Lord. Amen.

If you are wondering what the 'image' mentioned in the prayer is, click here.


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