Monday, May 19, 2003

Interesting article
in The Times (of London) Online .
I am not a Tridentine Rite partisan, as I have never been to such a Mass, but I find the dismissive attitude of the one priest puzzling. If the interest in this type of liturgy is so very low- 5%, 1%- why not let it be more widely available ? Surely something with such little support will wither away on its own ? The "young fogeys" statement sounds, IMHO, like the remark of someone who is afraid of competition.....
Of course, if the current English liturgy had better translations, and if certain men celebrating it were less inclined to make it "relaxed, contemporary, a bit jazzy..", competing with the Tridentine folks would be much less of a problem...

Thanks to Mr. Esguerra for the link.


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