Saturday, June 28, 2003

I found a blogger who liked some of my favorite books as a child- "The Girl with the Silver Eyes", "A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver" , books by E.L. Konigsburg and Edward Eager,and Joan Aiken's Arabel and Mortimer tales. (I also liked some of Aiken's other work, particularly the short story "Smoke from Cromwell's Time" and the Armitage family stories- how can a kid not love a family which handles raising a baby gryphon so very matter of factly ?) I shared her fondness for the Bagthorpe clan as well- I've sometimes wished for Grandfather Bagthorpe's ability to be 'selecitively deaf' !

Then I came across a little blog review of one of the odder books I've read recently- "The Eyre Affair". Some of the language in the novel is needlessly coarse, but it is certainly a very fun read. ( Personal favorite scenes- the production of "Richard III", the kids trading Henry Fielding character cards, and the scene in which the heroine repairs a hole in the spacetime continuum- with a basketball . Really ! )

I think I'll have to keep a closer eye on these two bloggers.


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