Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Either somebody is getting Primary and Secondary Realities confused...
or else their spelling is really screwy. I noticed a new entry over at the infamous List o' Mini-Balrogs- apparently some poor soul out there is referring to a certain Elven lady as "Gabriel". Now I like elves a great deal, but angels they aren't, as anybody who has read The Silmarillion will tell you. it's probably just a bizarre typo, but still... weird....
And the misspellings of the Tolkienian names for the Deity continue to multiply:
Iluuvatar, Iluvitar, Iluvetar, Lluvatar, Illuvator, and Aru. If you are going to use the Eldarin names for God Almighty Himself- spell them correctly, please !

(This concludes the public service announcement from the Nihil Obstat of Arda.)


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