Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Feast of Blessed Dominic Barberi, C.P., Priest
is also today. There is information on him here. While he accomplished much in his mission to England, what he is best known for to many, and what especially endears him to me, is what happened on October 8, 1845. Fr. Dominic, en route to Belgium, had decided to call on John Dalgairns, whom he had recently received into the Church. When Dalgairns met him, he informed the priest that he knew of someone else who wished to be received into the Church, out at Littlemore, a village near Oxford... someone for whom this step had been a long time in coming, but who was now, finally, sure....

The coach was late, and it was close to midnight when Fr. Dominic arrived at Littlemore, drenched from riding on top of the coach in the pouring rain. (It was cheaper than riding inside.) He stationed himself by the fire, and he himself recorded what happened next in a letter to his superiors:
"The door opened- and what a spectacle it was for me to see at my feet John Henry Newman begging me to hear his confession and admit him to the bosom of the Catholic Church ! And there by the fire he began his general confession with extraordinary humility and devotion. "

It was so very late that Newman's general confession was partly heard that night, and partly the next day. He was reconciled with the Catholic Church, at Fr. Dominic's hands, the next day, October 9. 1845.


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