Saturday, October 04, 2003

Just because ....
I'm posting a link from the great Biblical Evidence for Catholicism website: Mr. Armstrong's fine page of John Henry Cardinal Newman: Photograph and Portrait Page I, like Fr. Ker, am fond of the sketch by Lady Coleridge- I find the eyes particularly haunting.
I also find one of the quotes very revealing, not so much about the Venerable himself as about the kind of prejudice he and other Catholics in the England of his time had to put up with.

" A man who visited Newman in 1875 describes him:

'. . . very kindly, with a sort of grave sweet simplicity which coming from so old a man, has in it something inexpressibly touching . . . He looks very aged, hair more white than silvery, body stooped, a very large and prominent nose and large chin, brow which seems good, though one can't see it for the tangled hair falling over it; an air of melancholy, as of one who has passed through terrible struggles, yet of serenity, as of one who had found peace. Not a priest in his manner - still an Englishman more than a Roman Catholic. ' (ed. my emphasis) "

"Still an Englishman more than a Roman Catholic" if one couldn't be both. As if the Venerable wasn't both. And this was from a friendly source.


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