Sunday, November 02, 2003

In case anyone is wondering..
the wedding yesterday was lovely. What I remember from the homily was Fr. Joseph stressing that matrimony, just like the other sacraments, is meant to bring those who participate in it to holiness, to make them saints.

The reception was a lot of fun, both for what it omitted and what it included. It omitted the always embarassing throwings of the bouquet and the garter ( a definite plus ! ) It included an open microphone during the luncheon, at which people could tell various stories about the new couple- and the ones we heard were both touching and funny. ( In lieu of a story, I sang "Ubi Caritas" for them- which, as it turns out, happens to be a favorite of the bride !) Instead of the usual DJ, friends of the couple provided the music. Here is the list:

Piano : Mr Richard Greco
Accordions: Mrs. Anne Principe and Mr. Randal Koslosky
Irish Bodhrán: Mr. William Schneiderman
Irish Fiddle: Mr. Peter Schovlin, Sr.
Bagpipes: Br. Gregory Montagna, O.S.B.

Something tells me that not many wedding receptions have Latin chant and a Benedictine with bagpipes.... Anyhow, the happy couple attended the 11:30 am Mass today, and then left for the airport. They are honeymooning in Rome- complete with attendance at the periodic newlyweds audience with the Holy Father. Prayers for Brenda and Rob, both for their safe travel and for their marriage, would be most welcome.

After the reception, my friend Patty and I met up with our friends Godfrey and Alison, who had come to town from Baltimore for the wedding. They were married themselves in August, but they just got back from their own honeymoon- they had delayed their trip to Rome so that it would coincide with the beatification of Mother Teresa. (Godfrey's aunt is a Missionary of Charity, so they managed to get some excellent seats.) Godfrey showed Alison some of the local sights,such as the spectacular view of the city from Mt. Washington, and we all enjoyed both a good dinner and good conversation. All in all, an exciting, busy (and tiring) day....


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