Wednesday, November 19, 2003

On November 19, 1876
Venerable John Henry Newman preached a sermon on the First and Second Advents, of which we have the following notes:

" [The First and Second Advents]
1. The mustard seed.

2. The Church between the two comings of Christ.

3. Those comings both awful, Mal. iii, and Mal. xxiv. 29, etc.

4. [But] this difference—the first expected; the latter sudden—Mark xiii.—the ten virgins.

5. The first—Jacob's prophecy [the time fixed, i.e. when the sceptre shall have departed from Judah]—Daniel's 70 weeks=490 years.

6. The second [sudden] like the Flood and [the destruction of] Sodom—Luke xvii. 26-30.

7. Hence 'watch and pray,' Mark xiii.

8. And so St. Paul—a first duty to wait, 1 Thess. i. 10 ['to wait for his son from heaven'], Rom. xii., and Heb. x.

9. But it may be said, What difference between this and waiting for the death of each?

10. Against building and planting—progress.

11. Making this structure and polity of visible society a god to be worshipped, though the individual dies.

12. No, all we see will come to nought, however great and beautiful, Isa. ii. finis."


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