Monday, January 05, 2004

I found two short articles in the magazine Sacred Archtecture
that sum up a lot of what is wrong with the attitudes of many people towards the worship of the Almighty.

Elaborate sound and video systems are rapidly becoming the worship enhancer of choice
" 'Worship is a form of entertainment' said Al Perry, technical adviser for media ministry at Fort Foote Baptist Church in Fort Washington, Md. 'If people are not entertained, they don't feel like they're participating.' Megachurches are most likely to spend megabucks for audio-visual equipment- the 3,000-seal Evangel Temple in Upper Marlboro, Md, and the 1-500-seat McLean, Va., Bible Church each spent about $800,000,said George Sauer of DMX Music in Rockville, MD"

;Who wants to sit in church if you're uncomfortable?'
"said Laurie Werfel of Perrysburg, Ohio, as she sat in the burgundy theater-style seats at Cedar Creek Church in suburban Toledo. ' I grew up in a Catholic church, and I hated sitting in those benches.' Some denominations are beginning to move away from pews. Chairs with cupholders, plenty of space, and padding are finding their way into churches where clergy say the seat can be as important as the message. The current trend of theater-style seating is a throwback to a movement in the mid-19th century, when Protestant churches in America modeled their buildings after theaters with sloping floors and individual seats. Irwin Seating, one of the world's biggest seat makers, jumped into church seating in the past year, after installing seats in places such as Carnegie Hall and the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The company is hoping to expand its reach into denominations such as the Roman Catholic Church. 'We're never going to sell there until we develop a kneeler option' a representative said. 'What you fight is really tradition.' "

Sure, we're following a Crucified Savior- but you just can't ask us to sit on seats with no padding, for crying out loud ! And you certainly can't expect us to spend our time at something that isn't fun.

The final sentence of the second article is probably the most striking of all. "What you fight is really tradition". I'll say.


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