Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The January 2004 First Things
is now online. I was particularly struck by this short article by Fr. Neuhaus.

A New York Times story refers to the war in Sudan as a 'pet cause of many American religious conservatives.'Imagine, writes Allen Hertzke, political scientist at the University of Oklahoma, the Times describing the plight of Soviet Jewry as a 'pet cause' of American Jews or apartheid in South Africa as a 'pet cause' of African Americans. For twenty years, the civil war in Sudan has killed two million people, displaced five million, and revived the slave trade. The war is between the Islamic regime in Khartoum and the mainly Christian south of Sudan. Under intense pressure from Christian human rights groups in this country, a pact has recently been signed that may end the war. One might think that would be headline news, but it is buried in the back pages, if it is reported at all. After all, it is only a pet cause of religious conservatives.


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