Friday, February 06, 2004

Carl Olson
writes good articles. Here are two of them. One is on the inseparability of Our Lord from His Church and the other is on the phenomenon of 'un-church' .
A comment on the second article: the suggestion that a prospective convert make up his own 'church' rather than swim the Tiber is not quite as avant-garde as it may sound. In Venerable John Henry Newman's last, difficult stages of his journey into the Church, his younger brother Francis opined in a letter that joining a body as weak and despised as the Roman Catholic Church in England would be pointless and that his brother would be much better off making up a 'church' himself. The Venerable kept the letter, and wrote upon it the rather exasperated marginal comment, "That I could be contemplating questions of Truth & Falsehood never entered his imagination!" .


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