Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I can't possibly resist these....
Valinor - You are as knowledgeable about LoTR as the Valar! You've probably taught yourself Elvish, both Sindarin and Quenya but you don't stop there! You are as much of a geek as me! %

So how much do you REALLY know about Middle Earth?
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You rule over Rivendell, the land of the elves,
both wise and fair, with no time for the needs
of the weak human race. Happy in the company of
your people, you focus wholly in keeping your
land away from the Dark Lord and out of

Which Middle Earth City do you Rule?
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Hmm, (or rather, Hoom!) Well, this next result is gender-appropriate, anyhow...
You're Wandlimb: The long-lost beloved of
Treebeard. Known as Fimbrethel in elvish, You
were separated from your Treebeard when the
Entwives travelled east of the Great River to
plant their gardens.
It was Treebeard's desire to find you again that led
the Ents to discover that the Entwives'
gardens had been destroyed, and that the Entwives
themselves were lost.
Perhaps I will get you a map for your birthday. :P

TTT- Which Ent are you?
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75%! you love hobbits!!! You are more a fan of the
book than the movie, and taking your knowledge
of Tolkien's furry creatures into account, you
could probably write a book of your own! :)

How hobbit-obsessed are you?
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Quizzes courtesy of Don at Mixolydian Mode.


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