Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The April First Things
is now online.
There is a lot of great stuff in there, but possibly my favorite is this one by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, especially the final sentence. And then there's this short bit of commentary, also by Fr. Neuhaus.
"Forget about the slander that it is anti-Semitic. It appears that the problem with Mel Gibson’s film on the passion is that it’s too pro-Christian. The Rev. Paul Rutger, director of the Council of Religious Leaders in Chicago , saw an advance screening and said, 'Personally, I have mixed feelings about the movie. It’s clearly a message movie. And the message is "I believe in Jesus as the Son of God." It’s straight-out evangelical, Jesus-died-for-your-sins.' Aha. So that’s what Gibson’s up to. Clearly, the film should be accompanied by an advisory giving fair warning to the Christianly challenged."


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