Saturday, May 15, 2004

Three tech questions...
Apparently my comment feature is working now...
1. How do I change it so that people will not need to log in on Blogger to make a comment ? Or is that impossible ?
2. How do I change the plus sign on the posts to "Comments" ?
3. How do I get it to note the number of comments on a post ?


Blogger Karen Marie said...

Go to the blog's settings, under comments.
Once you enable comments, there's an option box for who you want to be able to leave comments; change that from current setting to "the whole world", I think it says.

Also, be certain that all the little template snippets that you are prompted to put in the template are actually put in; the enabling program will attempt to do it itself, but if it fails, you'll be prompted to do it manually. Those code snippets will make the new item page links work right, and will add the "comments(x)" code at the end of posts, etc.

to change your plus sign to something more descriptive (say: permalink) you will need to find in your template where the command is to make that "+" and change it to "permalink" it's formatted very like a link.

It took me some ditzing with the template last night, but mine are up and running; if I can, you _definitely_ can!

Survive, and thereby confound your enemies.

karen marie

10:13 PM  

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