Wednesday, May 26, 2004


First off, here is a short biography.
You might want to check out the twelve-part biography that I wrote.

Here is a photograph of his body, which rests under one of the altars in Santa Maria in Vallicella (after his death a silver mask and silver mesh gloves were placed upon it), and photos of some paintings.

Here's a a lot of images of St. Philip. I'm rather fond of these two, which show him celebrating Mass.

Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O. preached this two-part sermon on the life of St. Philip, and composed a Litany of St. Philip Neri. Yours truly composed an Oratorian Litany.

There is this lovely passage from The Idea of a University.

Finally, a prayer, written by Venerable Newman, to invoke St. Philip's intercession:
"O my dear and holy Patron, Philip, I put myself into thy hands, and for the love of Jesus, for that love’s sake which chose and made thee a saint, I implore thee to pray for me, that, as He has brought thee to heaven, so in due time He may take me to heaven also.

And I beg of thee to gain for me a true devotion to the Holy Ghost, by means of that grace which He Himself, the Third Person of the glorious Trinity, bestows. Gain for me a portion of that overflowing devotion which thou hadst towards Him when thou wast on earth; for that, O my dear father, was one of thy special distinctions from other saints, that, though they all adored supremely and solely the Holy Ghost as their one God, yet thou, like Pope St. Gregory, the Apostle of England, didst adore Him not only in the unity of the Godhead, but also as proceeding from the Father and the Son, the gift of the Most High and the Giver of life.

Gain for me, O holy Philip, such a measure of thy devotion towards Him, that, as He did deign to come into thy heart miraculously and set it on fire with love, He may reward us too with some special and corresponding gift of grace. O Philip, let us not be the cold sons of so fervent a Father. It will be a great reproach to thee, if thou dost not make us in some measure like thyself. Gain for us the grace of prayer and meditation, power to command our thoughts and keep from distractions, and the gift of conversing with God without being wearied.

Heart of fire, Light of holy joy, Victim of love, pray for me."

A thank you to all those who have mentioned the feast on their blogs, including Gerard Serafin,John da Fiesole, Kevin MIller, and Lane Core. The last-named is also celebrating his Blogoversary today.
Update: Add Fr. Tharp to the list of St. Philip bloggers !


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