Monday, June 21, 2004

Human stupidity...
never ceaases to amaze me. Apparenly these folks are claiming that warning black mothers that their unborn children are targets is racist.
Link courtesy of Zorak.

This reminds me of a situation that happened around here some years ago. A local artist, whom I happened to know, was slammed as racist because one of his paintings contained a dead, black adolescent. What his critics didn't notice was that the painting was called Pieta. It was a lovely portrait of a beautiful black matron, cradling her dead son tenderly in her arms, while stepping on a jacket bearing gang colors the way Our Lady traditionally steps on the Serpent in Catholic art. The painter, who is a devout Catholic, knew a black family who son was killed, an innocent victim of gang violence. He was honoring the suffering of such victims and their families by connecting them with the suffering of Our Lord and Our Lady, but all those critics saw was "White artist paints dead black kid- he must want more black kids to be killed."


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