Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Lane !
I was planning to post that ! Not all of us have access to a computer before afternoon.....
Oh, well, I guess I'll post a notice that the final part of Apologia Pro Vita Sua was published as a pamphlet on this date in 1864.
Oh, and this bit of verse....
by Venerable John Henry Newman,C.O.

"And He said, It is finished."
"One only, of God's messengers to man,
Finish'd the work of grace, which He began;
E'en Moses wearied upon Nebo's height,
Though loth to leave the fight
With the doom'd foe, and yield the sun-bright land
To Joshua's armèd hand.

And David wrought in turn a strenuous part,
Zeal for God's house consuming him in heart;
And yet he might not build, but only bring
Gifts for the Heavenly King;
And these another rear'd, his peaceful son,
Till the full work was done.

List, Christian warrior! thou, whose soul is fain
To rid thy Mother of her present chain;
Christ will avenge His Bride; yea, even now
Begins the work, and thou
Shalt spend in it thy strength, but, ere He save,
Thy lot shall be the grave. "

June 2, 1833.


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