Wednesday, June 16, 2004

On June 16, 1872
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

"1. INTROD.—The whole creation travaileth.

2. All creatures must be imperfect and tend to corruption if left to themselves. All creation which we see—the visible world.

3. The visible world requires a support to its laws; they cannot support themselves.

4. And still clearer as regards separate beings. All things in fluxu et transitu.
5. Brute animal passion—but without sin—but no brute passion but exists in man.

6. Such excesses the gift of reason is to hinder and subdue; and therefore sin in not doing so.

7. But the conflict so strong that it requires the grace of God.

8. Now we see the state to which original sin, the sin of Adam, has reduced us. It has rendered us like the brutes, because it has deprived us of grace, yet left us in sin.

9. This stripped human nature is called in Scripture the flesh —(Cain's fratricide, the flood, destruction of Sodom, state of things when our Lord came)—

10. And is our second giant enemy. Our first enemy is the devil.

11. Now trace the effects of the flesh—the growth of evil in individuals, in bodies; the power of example—encouraging each other, appealing to each other; false maxims—affecting to teach.

12. This the world, a creation of the flesh—our third great enemy.

13. Thus fallen man has to fight against three great enemies.

14. Let us never forget we are servants and soldiers of Christ, Eph. vi. 11-17."


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