Thursday, July 15, 2004

I haven't done a quiz
in a while....


1. Aquinas (100%)
2. St. Augustine (98%)
3. John Stuart Mill (71%)
4. Plato (68%)
5. Aristotle (66%)
6. Kant (63%)
7. Ockham (59%)
8. Jeremy Bentham (57%)
9. Spinoza (52%)
10. David Hume (46%)
11. Prescriptivism (45%)
12. Epicureans (40%)
13. Ayn Rand (40%)
14. Cynics (36%)
15. Nel Noddings (36%)
16. Stoics (35%)
17. Jean-Paul Sartre (32%)
18. Nietzsche (28%)
19. Thomas Hobbes (13%)

Here's what the quiz says about my top result.

Aquinas (1225 or '27-1274)

All life has a purpose
Meeting this purpose allows one to be happy.
Happiness is to be found in the love of God.
God's grace providing entrance into heaven creates the highest form of human happiness.
Short of heaven, a person can achieve a more limited form of happiness through a life of virtue and friendship.
Morality is not determined by the arbitrary will of God.
Morality is derived from human nature and the activities that are objectively suited to it.
The difference between right and wrong can be appreciated through the use of reason and reflection.
Religious reflection may supplement the use of reason and reflection to determine right from wrong.
Societies must enact laws to ensure the correct application of moral reasoning.
Human nature is good because God made it good.

Quiz courtesy of the blogger at Ales Rarus.


Blogger Cacciaguida said...

The amazing thing is that Ayn Rand is somewhere in your mid-range!

-- Cacciaguida

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