Monday, July 26, 2004

The Old Oligarch
reads the riot act on the lack of modesty in female apparel, particularly swimwear. While I sympathize to a certain extent, and do recognize that members of my sex are currently encouraged to be the worst offenders in this area, I couldn't help wondering- where is the male-focused part of ? Alternatively, where is an equivalent site for boys and men ? What men wear to the beach these days is often not particulary edifying. Yes, I am aware that men are visually stimulated more easily than women. However, it comes across as unfair when women are excoriated for wearing bikinis when men are not equally condemned for wearing even less.


Blogger Jamie said...

At least in the U.S. swim 'trunks' are still fashionable for men. In Europe, for some odd reason I've never been able to figure out - apparently it has something to do with some ill-conceived mythology involving sanitation - 'speedo'/thong swimsuits are the rule. Ugh.

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