Friday, August 06, 2004

Interesting article..
by Peter Kreeft. Here is a paragraph.

The change is this: The old contemplative attitude of objectivity, wonder, and respect is replaced by a new activist attitude of conquest, use, and subjective satisfaction — in relation to women just as in relation to truth. The old poets used to sing of women as ends, as objects of admiration, awe, contemplation, and even worship; the new ones sing of them as means rather than ends, as objects of use (and, if we are to call rappers poets, of domination, rape, murder, and mutilation). We have transformed women from Beatrice to Barbie, from the Madonna to Madonna (what a difference a "the" makes!), from images of God to occasions for self-gratification. This is inevitable, for the subjective experience of the sexual "high" is our culture's substitute for the mystical experience we were designed for. Aquinas says, "No man can live without joy. That is why, deprived of spiritual joys, he must go over to carnal pleasures."


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Link doesn't seem to work for me, Narwen.

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Thanks for the notice. I fixed the link.

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