Monday, August 02, 2004

On August 2, 1874
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:

Revelation—Word of God (I)
1. INTROD.—I have been reading from Scripture, viz. an epistle and gospel. Why?

2. What is meant by Scripture, Scriptures? Writings, the Word of God, or revelation—through different ages.

3. Why has God given us a 'Word'? Because we are so ignorant.

4. Two Testaments. First with one nation (Old), then with people of all nations (New).

5. The Bible, the Book.

6. By the by, why are Catholics said to burn the Bible? They never do, or have (unless they committed an act of sin); but what they burned was not the Bible but a Protestant translation. (Also without comment.)

7. The Church comments and explains. Now as to the Old Testament, or the Word of God to the Jews,

8. Law and prophets,

9. Till our Lord came.


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