Wednesday, August 25, 2004

On August 25, 1843
Venerable John Henry Newman received a shock- one which gave him additional impetus to give up his position as an Anglican clergyman. (At this time he was living at Littlemore, with a small community of followers.) He wrote about it to his friend, John Keble.

I have just received a letter from Lockhart, one of my inmates, who has been away for three weeks, saying that he is on the point of joining the Church of Rome, and is in retreat under Dr. Gentili of Loughborough ... You may fancy how sick it makes me.

He wrote in more detail to his sister a few days later.

Perhaps you know already from your proximity to Loughborough that Lockhart, who has been living here with me for a year past, has, at Dr. Gentili's at that place, conformed to the Church of Rome.

It has taken us all by surprise ... When he came here I took a promise of him that he would remain quiet for three years, otherwise I could not receive him.

This occurrence will very likely fix the time of my resigning St. Mary's, for he has been teaching in our school till he went away.

… These are reasons enough to make me give up St. Mary's, but, were there no other, this feeling would be sufficient, that I am not so zealous a defender of the established and existing system of religion as I ought to be for such a post.

Newman sent in his resignation from the Anglican ministry, and preached as an Anglican for the last time, the very next month.


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