Monday, August 09, 2004

On August 9, 1874
Venerable John Henry Newman preached the second part of a two-part sermon. The following notes survive:

Revelation—Word of God [II]

1. INTROD.—Recapitulation. Scripture—Scriptures—two Testaments—Bible—teaching, and therefore inspiration.

2. When I say 'inspired'—not in science or art, etc.

3. Difference of Old and New—Old imperfect, and through so many ages; New perfect, and once for all in one age.

4. Here I shall speak of the New. The Apostles—inspired—our Lord God. Heb. i. 1-2.

5. OBJECTION.—Why not their words [inspired], if their writings? Why not their speeches? Why not their conversation? Of course it was. All they said about RELIGION was. They might not know about the earth going round the sun, etc.

6. But it might be objected, on the other hand, that such sayings were not recollected. But some might be.

7. This is what Catholics called 'tradition,' and in which we differ from Protestants. Meaning of the word 'tradition.' Vide epistle for this Sunday .

8. Things we know by tradition: (1) that Scripture is the inspired Word of God; (2) what books the Bible consists of—for these Protestants need tradition; (3) the Mass, etc.

9. And so natural. Every school, every set of workmen, go by tradition—'common law' is tradition.

10. Hence we say there are two parts of the Word of God, written and unwritten.

11. But still, surely tradition may go wrong. Yes, and Scripture may be wrongly interpreted.

12. Therefore the Church decides, as being infallible.

13. Hence there may be mistaken reports of miracles, prophecies, etc., but we must see what the Church says about them.


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