Saturday, October 30, 2004

On October 30, 1849
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., gave some catechetical instructions, of which the following notes survive:

De Dominio Seu Regno Christi—IX

1. INTROD.—Our Lord in the first place God; but also, He has redeemed us with a price.

2. Hence contrasted to this world, which is the (usurped) kingdom of Satan—god of this world.

3. Contrast the two, the mediatorial kingdom of Christ [and the kingdom of Satan] as in the Two Standards, beginning with John xvii.

4. An empire—(explain what an empire is)—Psalms ii., xliv., lxxi., lxxxvii., Isaias xliv., liv., lx., Apoc. xix.

5. (Contrast the two as in the Two Standards.) Prophecies—lamb and lion, Isaias xi. 6 , Isaias ii. 2 .

6. Spreading by meekness—unlike any other empire: strong in weakness.

7. Exemplified at this moment. State of the Pope.

8. Yet wars, etc. Yes, but the strength is not through war, etc. Explain therefore 'gathering of every kind' in but not of [the world].

9. Contrast the kingdom of Christ and Satan as in the Two Standards.


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