Monday, November 15, 2004

Since I blog quotes from the Venerable just about every day...
when I was given a copy of a quote from Henry Edward Cardinal Manning by a friend (thanks Steve!), I thought it only fair to blog it. ( Venerable Newman and Cardinal Manning were, unfortunately, a fine example of two men who both tried to serve God, and found themselves often at odds over how it should be done.)

A Visit to Our Beloved Lord

They who love the Blessed Sacrament love it also because it is the most intimate way of conversing with Jesus. We converse with Him in our private chamber in our prayers; we converse with Him when we pray anywhere all the day long, by the roadside, on in the throng of men. But what is that to kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament? If every day you could speak for a quarter of an hour with your angel-guardian it would leave an impression on you all the day long. St. Stephen's face shone like an angel's; so if you could stand visibly face to face with your guardian-angel for a quarter of an hour in the morning your face would shine, and people would know that you had been conversing with some bright and blessed presence higher than your own. Or if you could daily see one of the Saints- the beloved disciple, who lay upon the bosom of Jesus at Supper- if you could see him, day by day, even for a passing moment, what an impression it would leave upon you. And yet, do you not see here the Lord of Angels and King of Saints morning after morning in the Holy Mass? and may you not at any time come and kneel down here in His presence? and may you not converse with Him, not for a quarter of an hour only, but as long as you will? You may weary of His presence; He is never weary of yours.

From The Glories of the Sacred Heart


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