Thursday, January 27, 2005

On January 27, 1873...
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:

Men of Good Will

1. INTROD.—The centurion in the gospel of the day. Account in St. Matthew, in St. Luke.

2. He was a heathen, etc. This is how our Lord began the Church, when as yet there was none, and addressed Himself to those who were well inclined, and gained them.

3. This is what is meant by men of good will in the angels' song.

4. Instances: Nicodemus, John viii.; Gamaliel in Acts v.; Luke ix. [49], 'who followeth not us' ; Syrophoenician [woman], Matt. xv., Mark vii.

5. And so now. We must not repel them or treat them harshly, or laugh at them, etc.

6. They illustrate the secret work of grace—from grace to grace.

7. Tests of being bonae voluntatis [of good will]—not justice, sense of fairness, and benevolence, though these are praiseworthy—and we must be grateful to such men.

8. But (1) humility from sense of sin. 'Lord, I am not worthy.' 'Even the dogs,' etc.

9. (2) Sense of duty. 'I am a man under authority.'

10. (3) Devotion. 'He has built us a synagogue,' Luke vii.

11. Let us beware lest those who have less advantages than we have outstrip us. 'Many shall come from the east and the west,' etc.


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