Sunday, June 12, 2005

From the homily...
Fr. David was the celebrant at Noon Mass today. What I remember best from his homily is his remarks stating that the translation of the Gospel reading tones down some of the actual words, making it more palatable- and less powerful. He gave two examples. The first was "Jesus' heart was moved with pity", which is, in a more literal translation, "Jesus's 'bowels'"- the depths of His being, were moved with pity for the crowds. The other was that the crowds were "were troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd." One of the words would be more closely rendered as "mangled"- something that would fairly quickly happen to sheep left shepherdless in those days. The scene to be pictured is not some sheep simply wandering in the wrong place, but bloodied sheep, wounded by wolves, whose Shepherd is viscerally anguished over their plight- which corresponds more to the reality of the devastation sin causes in human lives and the depths of Christ's love for us than the image of a few straying lambs.


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