Thursday, August 25, 2005

On August 25, 1872..
Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O., preached a sermon, of which the following notes survive:

The 'Two Masters'
1. INTROD.—Two masters. Why cannot we serve two masters? Most men wish to serve God and the world.

2. What is it to have a master? what is meant by it?

3. Not merely an employer; this not enough.

4. A master is one who has some hold over us. In old times slaves, but now it is by compact. If I promise, if I take wages, I willingly take a master. As children are naturally subject to parents, so, by free will, servants to masters. They may change, but while they have a master they are bound.

5. Now on serving a master. Consider St. Paul, Eph. vi. 5-6 .

6. And if so of all masters, so especially of the good—idea of a household.

7. Now we see what in religion is meant by God being our master. (1) He has created and bought us. (2) We have made an everlasting contract with Him. (3) It is not a contract in this or that— as employers—but we are of His household and family. (4) We are one of His, and must study His interests. (5) He is a good master.

8. Hence, if our Lord is our master, we can have no other master, and we must be full of zeal and love.

9. He has given Himself wholly to us.

10. The other—Mammon! So not only we can't have two; we must have one.

11. Now let us ask ourselves: Is in fact God our master? Do not we follow our own will, taking one day one master, another another.

12. There would not be all this variety of religions, and this infidelity in the world, if men really made God their master. They would soon agree together.

On men of no party. Apoc. iii.—Laodiceans


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