Saturday, September 10, 2005

A new one...
for the liturgical screw-up file !


Blogger Rob said...

I was raised half-Catholic.

I live in fear of someone dropping the communion trays we pass around, especially the ones with the little cups of wine. They're heavy, and sometimes, little kids have to carry them.

One Sunday, there was communion grape juice left over, and (rather than throw it out) someone poured it back into the grape juice bottle. Any questions of microbiology were forgotten when someone came in and, raiding the refrigerator, drank the grape juice. Uh. Oh.

One day the priest finished Mass in 12 minutes (he kept going right through the songs) and dismissed the congregation. I was singing in the choir. We didn't finish singing for another 20 minutes. What are we supposed to do? Skip the songs? We decided the songs are part of the mass, so we kept singing, with no stop between songs. The last song was at a much faster tempo than normal.

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