Monday, October 10, 2005

The Feast of St. Francis Borgia, S.J., Priest
is today. There is information on him here.

When people think of bad popes, the first name that comes into their heads is Pope Alexander the Sixth. Do you remember what his surname was ? Borgia. And if you look up your Missal you will find that today?s feast is the feast of St. Francis - Borgia. Same family, you see, but a different type. St. Francis Borgia, even before he entered the Society of Jesus, used to make a five hours meditation first thing every morning, and that takes some doing. So far from administering poison to other people, St. Francis's efforts seem to have been largely directed to making his own food taste nasty. When he had to take a pill he always sucked it; not because he couldn't make it go down, but because he thought it would be a good punishment for his sins; he was very strong on his sins, though nobody else could quite make out what they were. The cook put wormwood in the soup one day, by mistake, and St. Francis didn't rush down the passage shouting, "Where's that cook ? "-he thanked the cook and said, "God bless you, you are the only person who seems to understand the kind of food that really suits me".

Msgr. Ronald Knox, The Creed in Slow Motion


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