Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Since it's his name day..
I'd like to mention the late Fr. Francis Xavier Morgan of the Birmingham Oratory . (There's no direct link, so to find the article on Fr. Morgan and his ward, J.R.R. Tolkien, click on "Community", then on "Deceased Members", and then on Fr. Morgan's name.) I don't entirely agree with the article's points ( e.g "Rivendell=Rednal", IMHO, is a stretch), and I became a Tolkien fan long before I met any Oratorians. However, the connection between the Professor and our community is just too cool not to note.
Here's two quotes from a letter written late in the Professor's life.
"And again, I remember after the death of Fr. Francis my 'second father' (at 77, in 1935), saying to C.S. Lewis, ' I feel like a lost survivor in a new alien world after the real world has passed away.' "
"In 1904 we (Hilary (ed. Tolkien's brother) & I) had the sudden miraculous experience of Fr. Francis' love and care and humour..."


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