Friday, December 06, 2002

Thanks, Father !
Fr. James Tucker was kind enough to mention, and post a link to, my blog. He mentions the Oratorian aspect of the blog, and the rat aspect. He seems to have missed the Tolkien part, unless he's including that with the Oratorian aspect because of the Professor's Oratorian connections.
As for the rat links and such, that's just me. While I am currently ratless, I have great affection for the little furballs and intend to get more when circumstances allow. Actually, a love of animals is a very Philippian trait.
"He was very tender towards brute animals. Seeing someone put his foot on a lizard, he cried out, "Cruel fellow! what has that poor animal done to you?"
Seeing a butcher wound a dog with one of his knives, he could not contain himself, and had great difficulty in keeping himself cool.
He could not bear the slightest cruelty to be shown to brute animals under any pretext whatever. If a bird came into the room, he would have the window opened that it might not be caught."- Novena of St. Philip- Venerable John Henry Newman, C.O.


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